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Our team of consultants have
real orthodontic practice experience including
Practice Management, Clinic Assisting, 
Reception and Treatment Coordination.

Remove the stress from practice ownership and build a more efficient and profitable orthodontic practice

we know the feeling,
we understand your situation,
and we’re here to help you.

Running an orthodontic practice is challenging…

At times, it can be downright frustrating and filled with uncertainty.

Losing sleep over staff hiring, training, HR and expenses.

Working yourself too hard with an inefficient clinic template that doesn’t get the most out of your employee’s time and has you seeing multiple new patients a day who aren’t even ready to start treatment!

All while trying to focus on what you were actually trained for… producing great orthodontic results.

Does this sound familiar?

Take a moment to picture what your dream orthodontic practice would look like.

Knowing that your staff have the skills, and confidence to effectively run your practice, see patients, maintain your high level of personal service and keep revenue flowing without you having to closely manage them.

Wouldn’t it also be great to have a mentor who you could talk to at any time, during and after business hours?

Perhaps an issue has just come up with a patient or team member and you need a quick chat to find out how to move forward that day.

Or perhaps it’s a regular strategic meeting that sets, drives and monitors your business and clinic template towards the next goals.

You deserve someone with industry expertise who you feel really has your back and can set up the systems and structures to take the load off your shoulders and empower your team members to grow.

It would feel pretty great, right!?

Well, that’s exactly what being a Striver is.

Our team and our community of Strivers are in your corner every step of the way, helping you get to your unique goals.

So whether you’re a single orthodontist about to start your first practice or a practice with over 30 years experience, we have the expertise and community to ensure you and your business thrives.

Real Strivers. Real Results.


How We Help Your Orthodontic Practice

Our tailored consulting implements a 360° support strategy for your orthodontic clinic

Improving Team Culture and Staff Retention

The secret to team culture and staff retention isn't the staff Christmas party or a bonus system. We wish it was as easy as that! Team culture is built on having clear systems, communication and defined career progression paths for team members. We work closely with Orthodontists and Practice Managers to put these structures in place.

Practice Analysis, Profitability and Staffing

Strive takes a deep dive into your practice floor plan, chair space, staffing numbers and practice data to provide a road map on how to maximise your profitability, inventory, future equipment purchases, renovations and ideal staff to patient ratios. You can feel confident knowing your decisions are based on real data and benchmarking.

New Patient Acquisition Efficiencies

Let's get the right patients in the right chair at the right time! Our new patient acquisition systems build your practice faster and prevent staff from wasting time with tyre kickers. We help your practice create a great reputation within your local dental and patient community.

Clinic Templating

How strategic is your clinic templating process? Are you 100% certain your template will meet your patient demand over the next 12 months? Does it maximise your staff time and minimise your doctor days, or do you as the doctor feel like you are working harder and harder? At Strive, we build your template based on the strategic goals of the practice. Our templates help staff feel more in control of the day, they elevate the patient service and they increase your profits.


We recruit team members who suit the personality of your practice. We deeply profile candidates to ensure they are the right fit for you, and you are the right fit for them. After all, we're after a long term relationship between staff and your practice. We write the ads, screen the candidates, conduct the interviews and do the referee checks. Sounds like a dream, doesn't it?

Marketing Training & Digital Support

Our websites are developed based on best practice principles and customised to reflect your unique practice.

We also train your team on how to they can plan and execute your local community marketing for organic social media posts, schools, sporting groups, local businesses, dentists and patient referrals.

Google Ads
Our team are highly experienced in google ad campaigns, specifically for orthodontic practices. We concentrate only on high quality leads.

Onsite and Online Courses and Modules

Understand Individual and Team Behaviours with our Accredited DISC behavioural training.

Build a resilient team with our Conflict Resolution and Resilience workshops.

Experience a harmonious and well run clinic with our Practice Manager Coaching Programs.

Deliver 5-star customer service with our Reception, Clinical and Treatment Coordination Mentoring.

Strive Pipeline Software and Online Learning Academy

Our Strive Pipeline Software combines all of your new patient enquiries from Facebook, Instagram, email, SMS and website into one dashboard to ensure your team can give the best customer first impression possible for new enquiries. The Pipeline also gives your team an easy way to follow up patients after their new patient consultation with customisable templates and easy two-way communication. As a practice owner you will have full transparency over the leads coming into your practice. In addition the Pipeline consolidates all of your practice metrics, training materials and online Google reputation management.

Our Pipeline houses our Strive Academy consisting of over 150 learning videos, worksheets and downloadable templates. Your Morning Huddle just got easier!

Who is a Striver?

Strivers want clinic efficiencies that don't compromise patient care

Strivers invest in their staff and their practice

Strivers are active participants willing to listen and share.

Strivers are lifelong learners

Strivers use data to drive their decisions

Does this sound like you?

Your Team

(Yes, we said your team)

Di Watt – Strive Owner and Practice Consultant

Di is a seasoned orthodontic practice consultant with over a decade of experience in helping orthodontic practices thrive. She has walked in the shoes of being an Orthodontic Practice Manager and a Treatment Coordinator and knows the demands of a busy schedule. Di has helped over 100 orthodontic practices across Australia, New Zealand, the U.K and the U.S.

Di holds a Post Graduate Diploma in Digital Marketing and a Bachelor of Commerce in International Business, giving her a strong foundation in theory and practice. She has taught business communication and team culture at The Australian National University, and has a deep understanding of team behaviour and communication. Di’s absolute favourite moments are when she helps team members surpass goals they never thought possible!

With her nurturing approach and extensive knowledge and expertise, Di and her team are dedicated to helping orthodontic practices achieve their full potential and succeed in today’s challenging industry.

Amy – Digital and Operations Manager

Amy is our master of details and analytics! She manages our Strive Pipeline Software, Digital Ads and Digital presence for practices Google Search Engine Optimisation.

Neasha – Practice Consultant

Neasha is our one of our consultants providing solutions and training materials for our Strivers. She has over 15 years experience in orthodontics and is also one of our recruitment specialists at Strive.

Tara – Community Engagement Coordinator

Tara looks after logistics and events for our Strive community! Tara has over 10 years experience in orthodontics and she is also one our recruitment specialists at Strive.

Aileen – Web Developer

Aileen has over 20 years experience in developing websites that are not only aesthetically beautiful but optimised to google SEO requirements.

Our Striver Community

You can keep your consulting journey private with us or you can choose to be a part of our geographically exclusive community which is a safe place to share and learn. Our community includes an email forum, roundtables, in-person group workshops and our Annual Striver’s Conference.

Strive has been the best business investment I have made and it has doubled my business whilst only working three days.
Dr Morgan Wishney
Newcastle Orthodontics
Strive Practice Consulting is renowned throughout ANZ as the leading provider for orthodontic consulting services. I have great trust in Dianne Watt’s approach to marketing, HR and orthodontic systems and practice growth. Di is always accessible, providing one-on-one tailored advice throughout the week and her work exceeds my expectations. Di is a key member of my team in my new startup practice. I believe the Strive group of ambitious, select orthodontic minds is emphasising clinical excellence and will have a long-term impact on the orthodontic profession.
Dr John Perry
Peak Orthodontics
Strive has changed my professional and personal life. I am proud to be a huge fan of Di and her amazing team at Strive! I have one word to describe what Di has achieved for me to help grow my orthodontic practice and take me and my team to the next chapter in my practising career and it is “phenomenal”.

Her skill set, service and dedication are exceptional and what she has achieved for my practice and I have exceeded my expectations. She is committed to helping you succeed every step of the way with her invaluable expertise, resources and advice. She has been instrumental in assisting me to create my vision of my own practice into a reality. This has included establishing my culture and brand, working with my dream team through development workshops, training in communication and team building, and increasing their skill set and practice schedule. Strive has also assisted with the development of my new website, which has been meticulously planned and carefully curated.

I have always felt fully supported and my vision completely understood. With their combined skill set and intimate knowledge of all aspects of orthodontic practice, they have the resources to help you succeed if you want to thrive and flourish in the ever-changing landscape of private practice.

I am really honoured to be part of the Strive family. You can count on Strive to deliver, plus more.
Dr Donna Lim
Donna Lim Orthodontics

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FAQ's About Orthodontic Consulting With Strive

Strive Practice Consulting is an Australian owned and operated business. Our team members are based in Australia in the ACT, NSW, QLD and WA.

Our tailored practice memberships focus on implementing a 360° support strategy around your orthodontic clinic, so that you can concentrate on doing what you do best every day, delivering exceptional orthodontic results! Our services include recruitment, practice analysis, building your organisation structure based on goals and profits, schedule optimisation, performance reviews and team culture development, digital marketing, SEO, website development, new patient enquiry and consult training plus more! We deliver our services in person and online.

Our team has experience working with orthodontic practices in Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom and the United States. Each country is unique and requires tailored solutions which we can provide.

Certainly! Our experienced team is passionate about assisting practices in boosting their enquiry numbers through our well-established training courses, along with providing tailored SEO solutions to improve your Google rankings.

We specialise in recruitment services aimed at helping you find the perfect fit for your team. We carefully assess your team as a whole and profile the ideal candidate potentially missing from your practice.

Of course, we offer different tiers of support to our members and you can continue working with another digital agency whilst joining Strive.

Our community is about gathering like minded people together to support and share with each other. Our community includes an email forum, roundtables, in-person group workshops and our Annual Striver’s Conference. It’s your choice whether you would like to keep your journey with Strive private or whether you would like to join our community.

We mentor you and your team closely. This is through a combination of regularly scheduled sessions online where we set and track our goals, one to one training sessions, on site practice visits, group workshops and our online Strive Academy of over 150 videos and downloadable guides.

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