Is your orthodontic clinic’s templating process truly strategic? In the fast-paced world of orthodontics, it’s essential to ensure that your appointment template aligns with your patient demand while optimising staff efficiency and minimising doctor workload. At Strive, we understand the importance of building templates that not only meet current needs but also support the long-term strategic goals of your practice.


How do we achieve optimal orthodontic templating?

Our approach to clinic templating goes beyond simply filling time slots. We work closely with you to analyse patient demand trends, your treatment methods, staff availability, and your practice objectives for the next 12 months and beyond. By doing so, we create templates that not only maximise staff time but also minimise doctor days, ensuring that resources are utilised efficiently.


Why should you optimise your schedule?

A well-designed template doesn’t just benefit the clinic operationally; it also enhances the patient experience. With our strategic templating process, your staff will feel more in control of their day, leading to smoother workflows and improved patient service. By reducing wait times and ensuring adequate appointment availability, patients will appreciate the efficiency and convenience of scheduling appointments with your practice.


Are there other benefits?

Moreover, strategic templating isn’t just about improving workflows—it’s also about driving profitability and a work life balance. By optimising appointment schedules and minimising doctor workload, Strive can help you increase productivity without sacrificing your quality of care. This results in improved revenue streams and more time to do the things you love.


In conclusion, clinic templating shouldn’t be a one-size-fits-all approach. At Strive, we tailor templates to align with your strategic goals, elevate patient service, and drive profitability. Contact us today to learn how our strategic templating solutions can transform your clinic operations for the better.


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